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Can You Guys Help Me Think Of A Journal Title?

My imagination's run dry.. =(

4/16/06 12:21 am - Down in The Dumps

Heys there people. I've got confessions to make, and they ain't good. So listen up!

Firstly, this Ryal thing is driving me crazy. I feel like crap. The only decent convo we've ever had is the one we had at his place. I hardly know him and I'm obsessing over him. I'm cursing him for prancing away to England just when easter Break began. I think about him literally 24/7, so much so it's driving me up the wall. Everytime I have to go down to Ryal's Dad to convey a message from Mum, I freak out, and these weird thoughts occur to me, some of which I don't want to mention here!  I'm always crying over spilled milk (it's highly unlike me, cross my heart), about how it was stupid of me to send those crappy "getting to know you" forwards to HIM; I'm sure he thinks I'm jobless. I read up about  the "Virgo Man" in Linda Goodman's Sun Signs, and totally freaked out when it said that a Scorpio woman and Virgo man are not compatible... I've never believed in Zodiac drivel, for Heaven's sake! The strange part is, however, I could actually relate Ryal's thoughts and behaviour to the description of a Virgo guy.. it was freaky, I swear. It seems that he's reeeally particular about who he falls for, and a typical Virgo seems like a hypochondriac.  They're perfectionists, right? *Groan*.. Kill me now!!
Am I clearly crossing my limits? What do I do? I reeeeally need your advice, people. I need help!
Secondly, NO, it's not fun having 16/17-year-old Kishore around. He's a really sweet cousin, to be very honest. He's a nice guy, very sincere. But he can be verrry bugging! He can be unpleasantly forceful, a little "duh". But hell, I was once a "duh" simpleton, I should be sympathising. But at the moment the best I can do is try and be really nice to him; he doesn't deserve my shit.  It's the little things that bother me; can't explain them. But you know what I mean, don't you?
Thirdly, this University thing is intimidating me. What if I'm not good enough for Hong Kong University? I was going through my friend's profile on Friendster and while checking out her other friends, I discovered that I actually know some of them and they happen to be bitches -- big-time! Her friends seem a little "all-that", you know what I mean? The kind who appear very superficial. It all looks so scary.
Okay, I'm thinkig too much. It's not right of me to judge them by their pictures, and poses, and pouts, and whatever them pi**s do. I'm a strong person. I'm a fighter.. I can do this. Of course I'm good enough; hell, I might even be too good for them! All I need to do is be myself. So I'll just take a deep breath and...................


4/9/06 12:12 am - I ain't no angel!

YAY!  I finally finished that stupid Englsih essay that's been pending for weeks!  All i gotta do now is.. well.. a whole bunch of other stuff .. but  hell i gotta week to do it all!
My cousin's coming over to stay with us for a couple of months. I'm really looking forward it (woohooo!!)
*it's groovy, it's groovy..* swaran's site is activated! Oh damn I haven't been in touch with Jee and Anka and Swaran and Archie... damn! I'm gonna nail myself to this stupid little couch and make sure I comment on all your blogs so I can let you know  that I'm aware that guys still exist!
Nothing special happening 'round here.
Just thought I'd pop in and include a random message..

4/6/06 06:09 pm - Easter Break!

YO people me's back!!

Easter Break is on and I'm just enjoying the ride.. man! But y'know what the worst part is?? Ryal's outta town! And he had to leave just when my hols started.. wutta loser.. LOL j/k Ryal in case you're reading this!
So y'all wanted more "information" about my neighbour huh? Well I'm in 201 whereas he's in 102, so unfortunately (oops!), I CAN'T look into his bathroom! LOL! Anyway, he's 16 and just finished his Gr. 10 Boards. He used to be in St. Germain's (it's a boys' school), but he's doing his PUC elsewhere, and plans to get into Architecture. How cool is that? =)
Now a little more about his family. He's 3/4 Mangalorean. He doesn't know the remaining 1/4 'cause his Grandmother was an orphan *deja vu.. am I repeating myself?*. His Mom is really sweet. I've only met his Dad once. I've never seen his 10-year-old brother around ever since I've moved in which is SO impossible it's not even funny! He's related to my old neighbours! Small world man, small world.
Well Sabs, during our 45-minute convo we spoke about the most random things it was soo phunny (no, that is not a spelling mistake)! We spoke about music. he likes this artist(s) called ICP (heard of that, Liv?). Since we both know Karuni, we were talking a bit about her and stuff. His family background. He's so sweet. In between he kept asking me if I wanted anything to eat or drink, haha! And because I just barged into his house and it was nothing planned or anything, there were those awkward silences; only thing was, I could tell it wasn't awkward for him because he seemed pretty cool with it, or he was just used to them. I wonder if he's always this quiet with other folks.
Well, that was our first and last real convo. That same night he invited me to burst crackers with his friends. I was all shy and embarrassed because they were his friends, and they were all guys. But they were really sweet, so I was comfortable. At a quarter to eight he actually came at my doorstep to invite me. Mom kept hinting on all the homework I had yet to start but she let me go anyway, so long as I came back by half past eight. I went up the terrace where he and another guy Nikhil were waiting. We waited for his other friends to come until 8:25! We then finally went down to prepare the crackers and everything. So at half past eight, just when I had to leave *gritting my teeth*, three other guys come, so I say a quick 'hi' and 'bye' and rush back up. 
Anyway, so that's my story. Y'all can tell me what you think of it all now! =)
How's Easter with you people? Must be all colourful and everything? My sis is back from Hong Kong and she brought loads of chocloates and cookies and other goodies.. too bad you missed it! =P
Anyway I'm signing off now, later then!

PS -- Liv aren't you glad we're still 16 and get to fool around? This is the first time I've hopped between three guys in such a short while! LOL.. and what about you people? What're your stories?

3/23/06 04:52 pm

Heys people! Ok this'll be a quick one.. My sis has taken the laptop to HK to get it repaired so.. well.. no comp at home! I'm outside again.. and currently I'm technically locked out of my house.. no one's home.. and the neighbours can't find the extra key. So I've asked a friend to meet up with me so we can hang out till Mum's back!
Anyway.. there's this neighbour whom Karuna happens to know and his name's Ryal Sequeira and he's reeeeally sweet (NO.. I haven't reached a stage where I can have a crush on him.. lol!)Yesterday was the first time we got to talk so we had a 45 minute-long convo and it was great! Then at night he invited me over to burst crackers with his friends but they came late so I had to leave just when they came 'cause Mum wanted me back home by half past eight to finish my homework. I'd give him an 8/10 for his looks and probably an 8.5 on personality.. but I've just met him so "statistics may vary".. and I'd call myself an idiot for being awfully judgemental! Anyway.. ain't got much time. My thirst for comments is insatiable so feel free to add as many as you want!

And yes, I AM in a bizarre mood.


3/3/06 02:33 pm - Heyyy

OMG! Yeah I know it' been ages.. but guess what? I've moved!! From my trite little Davis Road apartment to a friendly Lourd's Villa flat on North Road located in an amiable vicinity.. it looks soooo adorable!! there's no wall seperating the kitchen from the hall so it looks like one big chunk of space.. my walls, by the way, aren't peach-hued anymore.. but WHITE. Both the rooms are bigger than the previous ones. Our balcony is imported straight from the Renaissance (I could almost swear by that.. it's the best part of it all!!) The showers work. I'm bang opposite Karuna's Aunt's house. I live 20 metres away from Avtar... 

Wait a second... forget I ever said that.

LOL.. anyway.. I love my new home. It strangely reminds me of Goa, especially the sunset.. & I've never craved this much for a beach. Hey guys what do you think of this? --- If I bought a villa (or tried to) in Goa we could all have a reunion there or something (pardon me, but I know that's the only thing I seem to speak of these days).. We could bring over our favourite DVD's.. our music collection.. the booze.. the bikinis.. *hint*hint*Jee!*hint*hint*.. our class photos (no matter how insane we look!).. a whole lot of memories.. stories from our schools.. and not to mention, the hot bodyguards!! 
Mum and Kanchan are out of town.. coming back tomorrow morning. I feel so proud of myself today. I withstood (gr?) 2 pricks at the hospital and my brother and I joined forces to make lunch! And I managed to finish those Bio questions.
Looks like Ms. Alka isn't exactly getting "fired" as such, she's just leaving. Her husband is in the navy/army and he's getting transfered to Port Blair in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. A lot closer to Janita, now, isn't she?
Well it's any day better than her getting fired. Agreed?
Last Sunday, the IB students organised a Sports Day for underpriveledged childen from 6 different NGO's, but primarily from the Dream-a-Dream Foundation. *Sigh*.. It feels great to be doing service to the community.. you know how some people say that doing stuff selflessly gives you a natural high? How true!
I've got sooo much planned out for the summers. I want to get in touch again with D-a-D, I want to help around at CUPA (the Animal Rights Organisation right?), work with Envirnmental NGO's, and hey, maybe I'll learn how to drive! How about you guys? You coming back to B'lore for the summers? Jee, yours starts in like a week or something right? Sabs, what're you going to do in Chicago? Anka, Swar, Liv.. are you guys staying put? Su, I'll talk to you in school =P Haha!
I have to go soon. I'm not even at home. The BSNL buttheads are taking forever to get our phoneline fixed, and for as long as we can't use the phone we can't get broadband. Also, the charger of my computer had gone "kaput" and we need to get another one. 
By the way, you guys hear of Bush being in India?? It's soooo funny! A lotta people here have been staging protests and in this one incident they stuck a picture of him to a donkey's head! Ah well, he doesn't appear to be as dumb as everyone thinks he is, but still, who knows? I'm neutral; all this stuff about politics bores me anyway.. 
I've missed two days of school (Thurs and Fri) because of my appointments with the doctor and now that that's all over with.. me just gonna enjoy my LONG weekend and sit back and relax and munch on my cheeselings and sip on my Coke.. and some water (it's getting reeeeally hot here!)


2/22/06 04:37 pm - WUTTA BLAH DAY..

Hey people.. I'm back! Now where was I?? Oh yeah, Sabs, thanks for letting me steal them pictures =) My next exams are on May 22nd.. yeap loads of time eh? But just look at how much we have to study!! Ah well.. you're right.. everything happens for a reason.. that's what Ms. Vanitha keeps telling me, hehe.. and don't worry I'm sure you'll have lots to do during the summers!!  Summer's when there's SO much to do, you never get bored!
Hmm.. back to where I was.. Mum found out about the AF episode (am I repeating myself??).. darn!! And the worst part is we're shifting bang opposite Karuni's Aunt's house but my Mum said I have to spend limited time with Runi.. it's not easy! How'd you guys feel if  you had to stay away from a really really close friend.. imagine the emotional distress you could go through. but whatever, Su's always there, and so is Jee and Ash and Ritika!
The funny thing is that last night I had sooo much to tell you guys but now I'm blank..
I got a new Kiwi-Melon Lip Balm thingie for Joe (Mum thinks it's for this friend called Nirusha, whose birthday was last week! Which is true but..... err..) and one Grape-flavoured one for myself. you people got no idea what you're missing out on!! You guys would probably think, "Yeah, uh, Lip Balm?".... trust me, it smells like bubble gum so most of you would love it. Anyway, I spent 45 minutes gift-wrapping it (yeap, that tiny little jar!) and tying a ribbon around it... and today he doesn't show up. Well.. if he doesnt come tomorrow, the Lip Balm's mine! *cackle*cackle*... hey people I want your opinion,.. This way, am I making I obvious that I like him?? You think he'll find it weird or something??
We have a new Art tacher, by the way. His name's Xavier and he's SUCH a cool person! He's sweet and he's got funky hair; it's all funky and stuff.. he's from Goa.. that says a lot doesn't it? He's inspired me to aspire to go to Goa and become a hippie! It's appalling, the fact that hippies are misunderstood by a lot people.. everyone thinks it's all about getting stoned and growing long, bushy beards.. oh please!! Anyway..
Today's such a blah day..  people were getting pissed off at each other, bunking school, doing stuff that could SO get them into trouble it' not even funny, and unleashing their frustrations associated with ego problems..
Ash was pissed with Karuna.. I was just annoyed wit her.. I was pissed with Sarah (same old story).... Miss Gauri yelled at Sarah discretely after class for "complaining" ti Ms. Susan about her "forgetting to assign us our homework on time"... Karuni was messaging people right under Gauri's nose...  Vicky was bedridden at home with a stomach problem.. Maail was playing hooky...  could things get any more bizarre??
   *Sigh*..  ever got the feeling where you just can't take things anymore and you explode, and after that you just don't care? The goings-on in school these days are verrrry weird, but I'm afraid that  months later, I'm going to look back and think that it's normal because I've been accustomed to it..  *shudder*

Yours blahfully, Grounded Weirdo...

2/22/06 12:52 am - Oblivion

I have shitloads of work to do, but it doesn't look like I care, does it? =) Go on, smack me...
Heys there Jee, thanks for posting a comment, it made me feel better and my LJ page look prettier =) How's college?  Tell me all about it (well, whatevr there is to say about it, lol!). And yeah, ring up some time!!
Hey Sabs! I saw the iFest pictures, you guys look awesome out there!!  So you still hang out with Shobin, doncha? Haha.. I probably shoudn't have mentioned it, and I'm sorry if I brought back old memories, but I couldn''t help it *blushes with embarrassment*. I bet it's not the same anymore. Does he even say 'hi' to you? OMG, could I steal some of those group pictures?? Pretty please???  And hey you've put on weight! (it's a good thing, remember?) Tell Nabbisa she's looknig reeeeally pretty. And yeah I'll send you pictures of everyone!
Liv Liv Liv!! Felt great to see you online that evening!  How's life, girl? I haven't e-mailed in a long time, I'm so sorry!  You betta send me pictures, man! Of you, your parents, your friends, your school, downtown Toronto, your house, your neighbourhood (and its inhabitants *grins*)..... same goes for you, Sabs!!
I've updated  my LJ UserInfo thingie, seeing that it's reeeally bland, compared to everyone else's. And I'm in urgent need of modifying the look of my journal!! Sabs, Jee, I lurrrv your blogs.. you people oughta let me in on some of your tech-tricks or something!!
It's 1 am, and I have this weird gut feeling that Momma's gonna wake up any minute, so I'll write again when I'm backfrom school..


2/18/06 09:59 pm - THE ONE TRUTH ABOUT LIFE....... "IT GOES ON"...

Heylo!  I'm having an okay time here.. my first half of Saturday was good!

Helena came over because she needed help in Chem (can you imagine?? People come to me for Chem help! How weird!) Anyway.. we had lots of fun. My mum made dosas, sambar, potatoes, and veg keema for lunch.......... Yum.

Now it's time for me to tell you about Helena. She's in Gr.10, spent all her life in London, claims that her friends in her previous school have boyfriends who are actual murderers, has long gorgeous hair (I have yet to tell her that), is sweet, fun to be with, is a(nother!) Scorpio... Yes, November 17th. She's a real nice person. Most of the time all we talk about is her obbsession with Jonathan (she has a crush on him). Not that I mind it, because sure, we've all been through our guy-obsessions... who hasn't??
Now that's another long story. Jonathan reminds her of someone she knew in the UK who looked exactly like him, but she still says she likes him as a person and not because he's cute or anything!  Y'know, people, if you look closely at "Johnny".. he's kinda attractive, it's just that you don't notice  it at first. But alas, he ain't my type..  so stop getting ideas! =P
For  Assembly on Monday, I have to come up with something about Recycling. he problem is, I can't think!! Shit man.. what do I do?? Mr. Augustin and Ms. Pearly are relying on me, and I don't want to let them down with my first flop! Any ideas/suggestions are welcome. It could be a skit/stupid song/whatever, but something that can stick to people's heads. Merci!
Hmm.. what else? Oh, I gotta tell you people this.. Remember that dude Avinash? Okay, this is real stupid, but sad.. In the morning after assembly when everyone (including the teacher) was around in class, he accidentally dropped a transparent packet of weed, and everyone saw it!!  I mean how stupid is that man?? What stupefies me more is that these people have gotten caught at least thrice and they aren't expelled yet! All the drop-outs/kick-outs from TISB and other schools come here and it's soo annoying. It's not like I want them to be kicked out or anything, I dont care, to be honest. But our school has wayyy too much freedom.. which is a good thing but not to this extent!
And yeah one more thing, you guys HAVE to check this out!! 


Just copy and paste this link to the bar thingie and... well... have a great time rolling on the floor laughing.

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