YinYangChic (yinyangchic) wrote,

YinYangChic Revived!


Don't ask what MADE me do this. Probably because I felt a need to make use of it; I've seen enough of stagnation. But when I never had one, I was as excited as a puppy at the prospect of starting my very own, that now I feel I should be grateful that I do have one! Do visit whenever you can. And I'm open to your criticism and suggestions. =D

Today was the worst day ever at the kennels. I felt stupid, but I got over it, though I'm still quite shaken by what happened. I was taking two dogs out of the kennels and I wasn't aware that the outer door wasn't shut. As I was coming out from the inner gate with the two canines, a third slipped between my feet and escaped, and two others followed. It did wreak havoc, and I profusely apologised to Candice and Marie, the two in-charges. They were being nice about it, but I got the message: "Just be extra careful next time!" =D It's alright, everybody makes mistakes... (right?) Just as long as I don't do it again. *Comforts self*

Like they say, "Once is okay, twice is stupidity"


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