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Hey people; as today's heading suggests, get ready for some whinging..

Firstly, Sarah's in the hospital to get her appendix removed; she fell ill and nauseous again in school; I feel really bad for her, sincerely. This year, she's been in and out of the hospital  as many times as I have all my life for my asthma attacks. What torture!
On the other hand, I and my fellow Group 4 Project members are livid; when we asked to her to hand us the procedures for the experiments she indirectly refused to hand them over to us; so for the past two days all we've done is run around, redo experiments, perform new ones, and redo the new ones,  and get yelled at by Ms. Susan. It was only during the last hour in school today that we managed to do one experiment. I missed the three experiments on Wednesday when I was at the hospital getting some tests done. We're doing five experiments altogether; we've done four, and the fifth one is screwed up! LOL...  but that also means we have just as many lab reports to write up.. ouch!
Sabs, you asked about Sarah? The above scenario should answer your question. =)  Joe's my ex-crush, and the current butthead (heehee!!) It's okay to have a bad memory.. you're not alone! Liv, nothing's up with Joe and me. Do I talk about him ever so often? Oops, didn't realise, and don't mean to. Ash keeps talking about him? I thought so. She and Joe are reeeeally good friends, in a weird way hehe! If they ever went out they'd make a cute couple =) seriously!
It turns out that it's not happening tomorrow, this Group thing. Sarah's in the hospital, and Saurabh's putting me off; he's got a major attitude problem.  Vicky will come on Monday, or on Sunday. He's not sure 'cause his Dad's in town.  But I really hope he can make it this weekend. Oh by the way, Monday is a holiday because it is (Late) Dr. Rajkumar's birthday, the person who past away about a week ago.  Oh crap, I can't come for tomorrow's gig!
Hmm.. nothing much, otherwise. I'm soo glad I have a three-day weekend; I deserve it, and so do all the other IB students. Ryal is expected to come in a week, I'm assuming. Umm.. there's something I need to tell you guys about him; I'll e-mail you, because it's private.. very private. And it's not good stuff.

Yours Devastatedly,
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