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Heyy there =)

Sorry about my previous entry..  I can't believe I actually managed to type it out whilst dozing off over my keyboard! Well at least I'm wide awake at the mo.. it's 11:00 pm.. *an early night, in'it?*
Over the last few months we've been having visitors staying over almost all the time! My Dad came (woohoo!) and I was on cloud 9! Then my cousin came down with her Mom.. she got admission in St. Joseph's Degree College! Speaking of St. Jospeh's, Ryal got into the PUC one.. it's sooo weird because I dreamt (!) that he WOULD get into Joseph's since it's a guys school... get the logic behind it? Yeahh... man how selfish can I get?? LOL.. Anyway.. this was many many weeks ago but he dropped in to say 'Hi'!
AnYwAy!!! Yeah so my cousin and her Mom stayed with us for about a week, and before that I don't remember who came; but after that My Mom's friend came over (she left a couple of hours ago)... she was born in B'lore and left town when she was 3 years old and has never visited since then.. so it was like discovering her roots!  And there were others too.. but I honestly don't remember everyone!
*Sigh*.. no more of that for at least until we're in B'lore! Glad to sleep on my own bed again; and now my schedule doesn't depend upon anyone else's!
Well thanks to my coffee-addicted clique... i've been downing cups of black coffee almost every other evening! *Mom will SO not be thrilled about it...* Ah well.. it's one of the greatest human inventions ever! Nevertheless.. I find myself cringing whenever I see stuff like noodles n' chips.. yeah.. go on.. slaughter me.. lol.. but i'm pretty much fed up with junk food.. n' I can't stand the sight of carbonated drinks..
We went to mysore a couple of days ago and like idiots, we left our water bottles at home! It's only then that I realised the glory of this thing called H2O.. Ahh.. 
I've been sooo dazed lately. It's like you gotta call out at least thrice to get my attention! I guess that's what high school does to you.. it completely drains you and finally you're left with no energy to enjoy the summers..  and I don't see the point in making Maths compulsory in school when the majority of us students suck at it.. really! Ah well.. another year to go and we're off to college. Anka's e-mail got me thinking.. and I think it's time we stop and smell them orchids!
As far as I can remember, school, otherwise, was pretty good.. everyone's pretty cool.. I recently found out that Sarah cheated on both Chem and Psycho (and ended up getting an A in both.. no wonder she's been acting all weird).. I can actually sense her guilty conscience! Sourav trusted me not to tell anyone from school.. Ah well, I'll spare her this time. *smirks!* What's worse is that Ms. Pearly (our Psycho teacher.. If Ms. Anita's first on my list of favourite-ever teachers and Ms. Pearly comes second, you can well imagine how nice she is!) was thrilled with her performance; and to think her efforts are all fake! Although I got my C's (mostly).. I'm cool and so's my family.. I worked for it.. that matters more than anything else.
Anyway.. just blabbering.. not much to do around here.. really boring! Now excuse me while I relish that box of Ferrero Rochers..
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