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Aloha my beloved ones! I'm back!

Two months since I last saw this thang! Ohhh man. Time flies.

Firstly, summers have begun. Ever since they have, I've been devouring every book I can find at home (plus I make it a point to drop in at the Brit Lib... =)) *Sigh*.. it feels great to be a bookworm again! Alas, I gotta get back to studying in a couple of weeks. Weeks? No. Days.
Liv, it felt awesome chatting with you after AGES! ANd thanks loads for the pictures! My sis thinks you look "hot" in the black tube and hat!
Sabs... no news from you! lol.. did you get that looooooooong email I snet to you? Man, I just kept typing and typing; I didn't even KNOW how to stop! I had lots to say. Besides, I hadn't written an email to anyone in days so I guess I was just "warming up" ..
Jee! You cut your hair? Am I the last to know? How ironic! It sucks now 'cause just when summer has started for us you're busy in college!  But don't worry.. one of these days.. we'll meet up. Su, you, and me. Together we shall revive the memories of the best two years of school.. back when the seven of us dwelled in the same school in harmony.. *wipes a tear*... lol!
Swaran you called! You got nooooo idea how ecstatic I was! I was hopping all over the place and my cousin was like "What the....?!" and I was screaming like a maniac the neighbours were prolly thinking "Mother of mine, who' on earth are we living with??" Oh well.. a short-lived convo; but it was amazing!! I still need to email you the Daal Pakwaan recipe (I will, I really will!)
Anku! Haha.. someone 'round here's got a permit! Alritee then! How'd you celebrate? Have a slice of cake on my behalf! *That's if there's still any left, which I doubt.. ;))
Su... how're you enjoying the summers? You were going some place weren't you? With your guardian? Still waiting for the Graduation pics; but it's cool.. take your time..
Speaking of Graduation, we all had a great time. =) It started raining just as soon as everyone was done walking down the ramp and throwing up their Grad hats. (Oops! Didn't sound right.. but y'know what I mean! LOL!) It was pretty okay; honestly there isn't much to say because for thing, I wasn't the one graduating. Another thing is I can't imagine Graduation without you guys and Ms. Anita. Right, Su?
It's almost three in the morning so I'll Write again when I'm NOT so blah di da!

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