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Alright I got some reeeally weird messages from you guys that sent me sprawling on the floor with laughter! Thanks Sabs, I should "colour my texts" more often.. I make you laugh?? ... I make everyone laugh; so much so that I make EVERY single person laugh, it's not even funny..
Liv, my starry-eyed mood symbolises hope! =) Though not much of it at the moment.. we got a notice from school today saying that it is compulsory for grades 9 & 11 students to pass in ALL their subjects or else they'll have to repeat; and by the way, Harpal's not being very supportive! He refuses to help us in any way and expects us to attempt profiles based on stuff that looks and sounds Greek to our eyes and ears!  Ah well, who says we can't complain, right? You got NO idea how many times we've talked this out with Monga; "Hari-baba" just never learns his lesson!
Anyway, on to the better stuff. My sister will turn 26 in precisely 2 hours from now. I don't even have anything ready for her! Today started off as a crappy day but it got better and guess who made my day? Joe. I have come to the conclusion that no matter how nice you think a guy is, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM HAS MOOD SWINGS! Yesterday he was bull-shiting us and today he was Prince Charming.
                          *Sigh*                                              Guys.

There's an India-Pakistan Cricket Match going on and India sucked! 192 - all out. Wait... does anyone watch cricket here? Now it's Pakistan's turn to bat; India's being really stingy will their runs -- it better stay that way! LOL. I have to say that I admire Pakistan's fielding..
Enough of non-girly-stuff.... Hmm.. what else would be "appropriate" for you to know? (LOL, j/k.. you know I'd tell you guys everything) Umm.. Vicky is inviting me to a gig this Saturday; I hope my Mum approves of it -- she might, as long as she knows that Karuna's not coming. Oh guess what? Apparently, this Saturday my Group Project members (namely Sarah, Vicky, and SaurABH, not SouRAV) are coming to my house this Saturday to work on this thing that's going to the IB folks  --- and I was the last person to know. How apt! So I call Sarah about homework and informs me of the rendez-vous at MY place. "At my place?  When the hell is this??"... Haha!
Umm... nothing much to say.. see ya! And keep amusing me with your comments!
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