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Can You Guys Help Me Think Of A Journal Title?

My imagination's run dry.. =(

1/23/08 01:37 am - YinYangChic Revived!


Don't ask what MADE me do this. Probably because I felt a need to make use of it; I've seen enough of stagnation. But when I never had one, I was as excited as a puppy at the prospect of starting my very own, that now I feel I should be grateful that I do have one! Do visit whenever you can. And I'm open to your criticism and suggestions. =D

Today was the worst day ever at the kennels. I felt stupid, but I got over it, though I'm still quite shaken by what happened. I was taking two dogs out of the kennels and I wasn't aware that the outer door wasn't shut. As I was coming out from the inner gate with the two canines, a third slipped between my feet and escaped, and two others followed. It did wreak havoc, and I profusely apologised to Candice and Marie, the two in-charges. They were being nice about it, but I got the message: "Just be extra careful next time!" =D It's alright, everybody makes mistakes... (right?) Just as long as I don't do it again. *Comforts self*

Like they say, "Once is okay, twice is stupidity"


1/8/08 12:34 am - Testing, testing..

Just checking to see how this turns out =D


Heyy there =)

Sorry about my previous entry..  I can't believe I actually managed to type it out whilst dozing off over my keyboard! Well at least I'm wide awake at the mo.. it's 11:00 pm.. *an early night, in'it?*
Over the last few months we've been having visitors staying over almost all the time! My Dad came (woohoo!) and I was on cloud 9! Then my cousin came down with her Mom.. she got admission in St. Joseph's Degree College! Speaking of St. Jospeh's, Ryal got into the PUC one.. it's sooo weird because I dreamt (!) that he WOULD get into Joseph's since it's a guys school... get the logic behind it? Yeahh... man how selfish can I get?? LOL.. Anyway.. this was many many weeks ago but he dropped in to say 'Hi'!
AnYwAy!!! Yeah so my cousin and her Mom stayed with us for about a week, and before that I don't remember who came; but after that My Mom's friend came over (she left a couple of hours ago)... she was born in B'lore and left town when she was 3 years old and has never visited since then.. so it was like discovering her roots!  And there were others too.. but I honestly don't remember everyone!
*Sigh*.. no more of that for at least until we're in B'lore! Glad to sleep on my own bed again; and now my schedule doesn't depend upon anyone else's!
Well thanks to my coffee-addicted clique... i've been downing cups of black coffee almost every other evening! *Mom will SO not be thrilled about it...* Ah well.. it's one of the greatest human inventions ever! Nevertheless.. I find myself cringing whenever I see stuff like noodles n' chips.. yeah.. go on.. slaughter me.. lol.. but i'm pretty much fed up with junk food.. n' I can't stand the sight of carbonated drinks..
We went to mysore a couple of days ago and like idiots, we left our water bottles at home! It's only then that I realised the glory of this thing called H2O.. Ahh.. 
I've been sooo dazed lately. It's like you gotta call out at least thrice to get my attention! I guess that's what high school does to you.. it completely drains you and finally you're left with no energy to enjoy the summers..  and I don't see the point in making Maths compulsory in school when the majority of us students suck at it.. really! Ah well.. another year to go and we're off to college. Anka's e-mail got me thinking.. and I think it's time we stop and smell them orchids!
As far as I can remember, school, otherwise, was pretty good.. everyone's pretty cool.. I recently found out that Sarah cheated on both Chem and Psycho (and ended up getting an A in both.. no wonder she's been acting all weird).. I can actually sense her guilty conscience! Sourav trusted me not to tell anyone from school.. Ah well, I'll spare her this time. *smirks!* What's worse is that Ms. Pearly (our Psycho teacher.. If Ms. Anita's first on my list of favourite-ever teachers and Ms. Pearly comes second, you can well imagine how nice she is!) was thrilled with her performance; and to think her efforts are all fake! Although I got my C's (mostly).. I'm cool and so's my family.. I worked for it.. that matters more than anything else.
Anyway.. just blabbering.. not much to do around here.. really boring! Now excuse me while I relish that box of Ferrero Rochers..

6/22/06 02:10 am - TWO MONTHS? REALLY??

Aloha my beloved ones! I'm back!

Two months since I last saw this thang! Ohhh man. Time flies.

Firstly, summers have begun. Ever since they have, I've been devouring every book I can find at home (plus I make it a point to drop in at the Brit Lib... =)) *Sigh*.. it feels great to be a bookworm again! Alas, I gotta get back to studying in a couple of weeks. Weeks? No. Days.
Liv, it felt awesome chatting with you after AGES! ANd thanks loads for the pictures! My sis thinks you look "hot" in the black tube and hat!
Sabs... no news from you! lol.. did you get that looooooooong email I snet to you? Man, I just kept typing and typing; I didn't even KNOW how to stop! I had lots to say. Besides, I hadn't written an email to anyone in days so I guess I was just "warming up" ..
Jee! You cut your hair? Am I the last to know? How ironic! It sucks now 'cause just when summer has started for us you're busy in college!  But don't worry.. one of these days.. we'll meet up. Su, you, and me. Together we shall revive the memories of the best two years of school.. back when the seven of us dwelled in the same school in harmony.. *wipes a tear*... lol!
Swaran you called! You got nooooo idea how ecstatic I was! I was hopping all over the place and my cousin was like "What the....?!" and I was screaming like a maniac the neighbours were prolly thinking "Mother of mine, who' on earth are we living with??" Oh well.. a short-lived convo; but it was amazing!! I still need to email you the Daal Pakwaan recipe (I will, I really will!)
Anku! Haha.. someone 'round here's got a permit! Alritee then! How'd you celebrate? Have a slice of cake on my behalf! *That's if there's still any left, which I doubt.. ;))
Su... how're you enjoying the summers? You were going some place weren't you? With your guardian? Still waiting for the Graduation pics; but it's cool.. take your time..
Speaking of Graduation, we all had a great time. =) It started raining just as soon as everyone was done walking down the ramp and throwing up their Grad hats. (Oops! Didn't sound right.. but y'know what I mean! LOL!) It was pretty okay; honestly there isn't much to say because for thing, I wasn't the one graduating. Another thing is I can't imagine Graduation without you guys and Ms. Anita. Right, Su?
It's almost three in the morning so I'll Write again when I'm NOT so blah di da!


4/21/06 09:30 pm



4/21/06 08:57 pm - LOTS TO SAY..

Hey people; as today's heading suggests, get ready for some whinging..

Firstly, Sarah's in the hospital to get her appendix removed; she fell ill and nauseous again in school; I feel really bad for her, sincerely. This year, she's been in and out of the hospital  as many times as I have all my life for my asthma attacks. What torture!
On the other hand, I and my fellow Group 4 Project members are livid; when we asked to her to hand us the procedures for the experiments she indirectly refused to hand them over to us; so for the past two days all we've done is run around, redo experiments, perform new ones, and redo the new ones,  and get yelled at by Ms. Susan. It was only during the last hour in school today that we managed to do one experiment. I missed the three experiments on Wednesday when I was at the hospital getting some tests done. We're doing five experiments altogether; we've done four, and the fifth one is screwed up! LOL...  but that also means we have just as many lab reports to write up.. ouch!
Sabs, you asked about Sarah? The above scenario should answer your question. =)  Joe's my ex-crush, and the current butthead (heehee!!) It's okay to have a bad memory.. you're not alone! Liv, nothing's up with Joe and me. Do I talk about him ever so often? Oops, didn't realise, and don't mean to. Ash keeps talking about him? I thought so. She and Joe are reeeeally good friends, in a weird way hehe! If they ever went out they'd make a cute couple =) seriously!
It turns out that it's not happening tomorrow, this Group thing. Sarah's in the hospital, and Saurabh's putting me off; he's got a major attitude problem.  Vicky will come on Monday, or on Sunday. He's not sure 'cause his Dad's in town.  But I really hope he can make it this weekend. Oh by the way, Monday is a holiday because it is (Late) Dr. Rajkumar's birthday, the person who past away about a week ago.  Oh crap, I can't come for tomorrow's gig!
Hmm.. nothing much, otherwise. I'm soo glad I have a three-day weekend; I deserve it, and so do all the other IB students. Ryal is expected to come in a week, I'm assuming. Umm.. there's something I need to tell you guys about him; I'll e-mail you, because it's private.. very private. And it's not good stuff.

Yours Devastatedly,

4/18/06 09:46 pm - WOOHOO!

Alright I got some reeeally weird messages from you guys that sent me sprawling on the floor with laughter! Thanks Sabs, I should "colour my texts" more often.. I make you laugh?? ... I make everyone laugh; so much so that I make EVERY single person laugh, it's not even funny..
Liv, my starry-eyed mood symbolises hope! =) Though not much of it at the moment.. we got a notice from school today saying that it is compulsory for grades 9 & 11 students to pass in ALL their subjects or else they'll have to repeat; and by the way, Harpal's not being very supportive! He refuses to help us in any way and expects us to attempt profiles based on stuff that looks and sounds Greek to our eyes and ears!  Ah well, who says we can't complain, right? You got NO idea how many times we've talked this out with Monga; "Hari-baba" just never learns his lesson!
Anyway, on to the better stuff. My sister will turn 26 in precisely 2 hours from now. I don't even have anything ready for her! Today started off as a crappy day but it got better and guess who made my day? Joe. I have come to the conclusion that no matter how nice you think a guy is, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM HAS MOOD SWINGS! Yesterday he was bull-shiting us and today he was Prince Charming.
                          *Sigh*                                              Guys.

There's an India-Pakistan Cricket Match going on and India sucked! 192 - all out. Wait... does anyone watch cricket here? Now it's Pakistan's turn to bat; India's being really stingy will their runs -- it better stay that way! LOL. I have to say that I admire Pakistan's fielding..
Enough of non-girly-stuff.... Hmm.. what else would be "appropriate" for you to know? (LOL, j/k.. you know I'd tell you guys everything) Umm.. Vicky is inviting me to a gig this Saturday; I hope my Mum approves of it -- she might, as long as she knows that Karuna's not coming. Oh guess what? Apparently, this Saturday my Group Project members (namely Sarah, Vicky, and SaurABH, not SouRAV) are coming to my house this Saturday to work on this thing that's going to the IB folks  --- and I was the last person to know. How apt! So I call Sarah about homework and informs me of the rendez-vous at MY place. "At my place?  When the hell is this??"... Haha!
Umm... nothing much to say.. see ya! And keep amusing me with your comments!

4/18/06 04:38 am - Aloha!

Just here to let you know that I'm FINE =)

Yours Starry-eyed-ly,
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